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NO! Unfollow/Follow Method

We're not one of those services who provides growth service that does follow/unfollow on your account, IG has been lately getting stricter on this. In results of getting your account banned... We'd never risk your account by using such method. Follow/Unfollow not only potentially gets you banned but you get something worst! Shaodwbanned.

Seemingless Growth

Not only your account will be absolutely 100% safe, it'll also not have disoriented high amount of fluctuating following numbers. Numbers are easily seen in socialblade and can be callout on your actions, and things will look horrible when that happen. With our service you'll get a clean stats and a rapid steady growth.

Telegram Groups ? Eww!

We absolutely want you to get out of it right now! Sure it works, but for how long ? Your accounts are required to do massive amount of likes in a short span. Which that having done, you might be one step left to a shadowbanned/Permanent Ban.

Growth With Great Engagements

Don't just expect growth, followers in numbers does not mean anything if they do not engage with your content! We make sure that the accounts who're following you are also engaging with your content, having a "Popular" account in numbers without engagement is just like a popular singer without fans visiting their concert.

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