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Don't just take our word for it, let us show you real results and numbers!

Please click the 3 example account below and look at the focus area in highlighted red!

Our advanced filtering system allows us to deliver only the most active and interested audience for your brand and content.

Business Health Account

First Posted: August 14 2017

Fashion Niche

First Posted: August 29

Travel Niche

First Posted: May 29

Our Defination of Organic - We aren't meant to be popular on Instagram by doing follow/unfollow. Sure they are the features provided by Instagram itself for us to exploit but that's not the way it was meant to be played. Content is supposed to be the king and if someone follows you since your content is good instead of because you followed him then you realise that you are going right.

Security of your account is our top priority. Our goal is to use result-oriented social media marketing techniques to help bolster your brand, grow your business, generate more traffic, increase conversion rates, create exposure for your business and extend the influence of your business.

We have years of experience handling accounts that cover all niches and numerous industries. Accordingly, our experience position us as qualified professionals that can thoroughly understand the needs of any type of business.

We have a deep understanding of the systematics and modus operandi of Instagram to ensure that we stay well within established limits and rules. As a testament of our professionalism and effectiveness, we have never received issue from Instagram concerning the accounts that we help with the growth on.

The advantages of gaining targeted organic followers are endless. They provide a ready pool of prospects that are ready to listen, read and see whatever you have to share at any time. The immeasurable benefits include generating awesome engagement, priceless feedback, quality traffic, business credibility and more importantly potential high sales conversions.

Furthermore, your audience will help gain increased exposure for your business or brand passively, without any extra effort on your part. Whenever a follower likes your media content, it appears on his or her “Following Feeds,” which is in turn visible to hundreds or possibly thousands more people who would likely click on your content and check your account profile.

We absolutely do not need your account's password at all. What we do is send outbound growth "Magic" to your account, like we explained. Our service does not require the use of your account to perform any actions as we're not your typical Unfollow/Follow or engagement group method these methods are no longer viable and are actually geting cracked down by Instagram. We're doing it in the white hat way with even better growth/engagement that those service, you'll have a clean account like how you're using right now.


But we do need your account password however if you intend us to help you automate the posting process, find our more why below by clicking "How it works?".

Here's how simple it is: We boost your accounts using our network for more exposure and your posts has a good chance that allows your content to be featured on explore pages and also getting viral! 


When you sign-ed up with us, you're limited to 3 post a day with our service and you must post during at the timing below within an hour to get the growth completed on your account. Please post once per timing slot shown below.

You're able to opt-in our post service allow us to help you automate which you'll never miss a timeslot in the future. We take in a monthly content worth at the end of the last week of the subscription. We do however need you account login if you need us to help you automate the post.

To maximize the growth rate, we'd recommend you post within 15mins. 30 Minutes is fine as well but however it won't be as strong as 15mins.

-  5.30AM GMT

-  12PM GMT

-  4.00PM  GMT

Please note: **You're not allowed to post 3 times in one time slot, it'll only complete one of your post but not all.**

1. Please use the contact form below to reach out to us your username of your instagram's account.

2. We might ask from you a follow up email of 30-40 content ahead. Then we'll provide advice and consultation of your content you're using. Once ready we'll give you an approval that you're ready to make an order.

3. Once you've our approval, you can simply go to "pricing page", follow through the steps and complete the form and payment. It's that simple!


Why account's have to be reviewed first?

- We don't want to provide our service to you if we know that it's not going to work for you. We'd be more interested in having fruitful results for customer who can utilize our service than to make money off nothing.

What if I made an order before contacting IGAdvance?

- No worries, we'll manually review your account before activating your subscription. If we deem that with your content growth is not achieveable, we'll just fully refund you your money.

Do not hesitate to change the account login information if you feel that your account is at risk. Please notify us as well via the ticket support or contact us page so that we can make the neccessary changes on our side. The duration of time lost for this change will not be reimbursed

We use an automated payment system that charges you every month from your initial signup date, however email notifications will be sent out for you to pay in advance if you'd like to do that manually. We provide 7 days grace period for manual payment before halting services.

It's an easy process, just use the ticket system or contact us via our "Contact Us" page and indicate your account username or subscription order ID and tell us you no longer intend to continue. We will continue growing your account until the day after your subscription date ends.

It's easy! After you've logged in to "My Account" simply process a new subscription like how you did the first time. Or Alternatively just contact us via your account ticketing system or contact page!

We DO NOT provide refunds unless it's the unique case of not being able to reach the monthly minimum of 2,000/3,000 newly gained organic followers. In this case just simply contact via our ticket system under "My Accounts" or through out "Contact Us" page. We'd be happy to process the refund for you immediately and issue you an apology.

Absolutely not, you'll retain all of the followers we helped build for you. However we DO NOT have control over your followers who unfollow you at any point after you stop using our service as they're real people who are making their own decisions to follow or unfollow you.

Unfortunately we do not, it's very costly and labour intensive to do which can cost thousands of dollars. We highly advise you to post your own original content as you know what's best for your business / brand / page. There may be freelance photographers and content creators in your local area that can help you.


There goes a saying "Content is KING" how you use your content is the best way as a key to get great returns!


However we do help you automate your posting on time, everytime for a small fee within the 3 posting windows.

Yes! You should be posting and replying to comments that are sent to you. It's important for you to build a relationship with your following audience. As we said, feel free to follow and unfollow whoever you wwant, we'll not be touching those! Thank you.

We take pride in our UNIQUE growth service no other service provider could even come close to. We're quite sure that no other provider are in the market that can replicate or do as close as us catering to a large group of clients and still achieve great results!

Is hard to say, but however our service works best for business/personal account that are in travel, health, fitness, sports, fashion, photography. You should be looking at a 3,000 average followers for a business account and double of that if you're a personal page.


3,000 is an average number from what our past clients are archiving, however some clients of us had even up to 20,000 or even 50,000 in a single month with the use of our service and having REALLY SOLID content.

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